How To Choose A Commercial Dishwasher

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There is much to consider when ordering new foodservice equipment ad new equipment can be some of the most exciting things to do in a restaurant. This especially holds true when it comes to purchasing commercial dishwashers from properly sizing to choosing the best method to clean.

First, determine what type and capacity your facility requires. Dishwashers and commercial glasswashers are rated by the number of dishes or racks (approximately 20 dishes) they can effectively wash in an hour. Then, consider the anticipated number of meals served per day, total number of dishes used per guest and frequency of table turns.  When considering what type of dishwasher to buy, ask yourself what’s more important: Saving energy or chemical costs?

High Temperature8735723457_406a539ca3_o

This type of dishwasher uses heat to sanitize and requires a booster heater to raise the temperature of the final rinse to 180°F. Some dishwashers include a booster heater, but for others it’s separate. Because the dishwasher reaches such a high temperature, it doesn’t require the purchase of chemicals and doesn’t damage flatware and plastics. A high temperature dishwasher dries dishes more effectively and uses a little bit more energy over a chemical sanitizing machine.

Low Temperature

A low temperature dishwasher uses a chemical bath to sanitize dishes and glassware, not a high temperature. So, while foodservices will see energy savings, there is the cost of the chemicals to be taken into consideration. Manufacturers noted if your restaurant constantly has items covered in grease that need to be washed, this may not be the ideal dishwasher as it has less effective cleaning power.  Dishes might not dry effectively either if the dish-room has a high amount of humidity.

For a fill and dump dishwasher, the wash tank is filled with a predetermined amount of water for washing.  Then after the wash portion of the cycle, this predetermined amount of water is automatically drained out of the machine.

During the subsequent rise portion of the cycle, the wash tank is refilled with fresh water that’s 180°F.  By having the water reach that temperature, it cleans and sanitizes, then is retained to be used again as the next cycle’s wash water. There is also the double fill and dump dishwasher, which is similar to the fill and dump, but slightly different. For a double fill dishwasher, the rinse water is drained out of the machine after the end of a cycle. This does result in high water usage.

For an overflow dishwasher, the wash tank is filled with a large amount of water. Then, there are wash arms that circulate the tank wash water during the wash portion of a cycle. When the dishwasher is rinsing, an additional amount of 180°F clean rinse water is added to the tank, without the tank draining, through separate rinse arms.  This water replenishes dirty water by overflow and skimming. The dishwasher will drain and start over after each meal period.

Avoiding Rogue Traders

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In life, there are always people who will try it on to take advantage of you. Karma will take care of them, but in the mean time you have to be vigilant about those who seem genuine but are actually the worst kinds of scammers. When your concrete driveway starts to crack, you have two options. You can wait for the damage to spread or you can call a concrete driveway contractor. There are fantastic and genuine companies out there like http://www.southeastgroundworks.co.uk but then there are others that could be ‘rogue’ traders.

Date: May 22, 2012  NPS Photo by Kristen M. Caldon The Greenway Trail System, as outlined in the park’s 1995 General Management Plan, is a system of multi-use, accessible trails throughout the park that encourages non-motorized modes of travel, complementing the South Rim Visitor Transportation Plan, which includes seasonal shuttle bus service to and from Tusayan. Greenway III consists of an 8-foot wide compacted soil surface area for pedestrians and bicyclists, with an adjacent 2- to 3-foot wide gravel path for equestrian use. Eventually, the compacted soil surface will be replaced with pavement as funding becomes available. The trail is being constructed by Grand Canyon’s Trail Crew to comply with accessibility guidelines for outdoor developed areas. “We are excited about the construction of this section of trail,” stated Park Superintendent, Dave Uberuaga, “Referred to as Greenway III, the trail will not only provide visitors, employees and residents another new and green option of travel between the park and Tusayan, it will extend the popular Arizona Trail, which currently ends at the Long Jim trailhead, into the park.” “This trail is going to benefit many different kinds of visitors to the Tusayan area. We hope visitors, employees and residents will enjoy using the new trail,” stated Uberuaga. During the summer months when our shuttle buses are providing service to Tusayan, those using the trail will also have the option of combining a hike or bike ride with a shuttle bus trip making their travel into and around the park easy and convenient. Funding for this project was made possible through a grant received from the Federal Highway Administration’s Public Lands Highways Program. General donations to Grand Canyon National Park’s trails program also helped fund the project. The Greenway project began as a public/private cooperative effort between the National Park Service, the Grand Canyon National Park Foundation (now Grand Canyon Association

If all you have is a hairline crack in the concrete, then your driveway is likely the victim of time and weather and an immediate fix may not be needed. If your crack in concrete changes widths along its length, and has high and low points, though you should call a professional in. There are unfortunately some unscrupulous contractors that count on homeowners’ desperation to fix their concrete. There are some things you should know before you go ahead with someone who approaches you for a fix so never agree to any kind of concrete work before getting at least three estimates from different companies. A company to look for should be a genuine company like http://www.southeastgroundworks.co.uk to help but others out there need to be compared against as you just never know.

Get references and referrals and if you can see some of the work a contractor has done before you go ahead and book them, then all the better. For many homeowners, you’ll be enjoying a properly repaired driveway while someone less diligent has to search for a second repair contractor in as many months. Getting a good quote for your concrete issues means setting up a system. So call a company and ask when they can take a look – never accept an over the phone quote as they haven’t seen the job. When they arrive, ask what the quote covers and how they budget for any extras. If the contractor becomes defensive or says anything along the lines of ‘that’s just how it is’ get another quote immediately. Second opinions are invaluable in the business so if you ensure you get that extra opinion you can have a better idea of how a company works.

Companies like http://www.southeastgroundworks.co.uk uses a mix of cement and chemical binding agents to fill the cracks in your driveway or patio and minimise the chance of further breakage. Your concrete will never look as perfect as it did the day it was poured, and any company that tries to sell you otherwise is lying. It’s easy for the lie to come off as professional as you yourself will likely not be an expert! Real concrete professionals should be able to tell you what kind of crack you have – shrinkage, expansion, heaving, settling, overloading and premature drying are all common causes. A reputable contractor will also be able to tell you if your cement cracks are necessary and whether they occur along purposeful joints in the slab.

How To Get On With Coach Travel

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Considering taking your first coach holiday? Perhaps you have just booked one, we know how excited you must feel! The prospect of visiting so many spectacular destinations in one holiday is an exciting one but you’re probably wondering just what you’ve set yourself up for! What will it be like to be on a coach? Will I enjoy it? These questions are probably running round your head but never fear: we’ve put together a guide for your peace of mind with our best tips for you as a first time coach traveller. If you’ve booked yourself a holiday with a company like http://www.door2tour.com then you will already be in great hands. You’ll likely have been told that your drivers will always be around to assist you with any questions you may have. Listen to your driver and you won’t go wrong. They do all the journeys week in, week out and there are very professional. They can often advise on option excursions that are around and you can relax and enjoy the holiday ahead of you knowing you’ve had some sage advice.USED (4)

Companies like http://www.door2tour.com will advise you to do as many optional excursions as you can! Treat yourself on your ferry crossing if there is one included in your trip and book a table at the restaurant there. You can book a table in advance as it tends to get very busy and you should be able to do that on your operator website. Remember that you are sharing the coach with other people and it’s important that you think before acting.

As a general rule, minimising loud activities and stinky food and take care of the passengers around you if they’re asleep. It’s nice to get to know the people you are travelling with but controversial topics on a coach can create conflict so keep conversation light. Most coach companies don’t allow people to eat on a coach but to eat on a break – and almost all coach holidays have breaks along the way! If you do want a snack and you are allowed to eat then choosing to eat something less likely to spill are the best things to do. If you are stopping to look at a site, be back on time!

The best thing you can do is not hold other people up. Coach holidays aren’t for everyone but ensuring your comfort on your coach holiday is the most important thing that your holiday company will do for you. You must remember to love the experience! You’re about to explore more than one destination and visit different places with your family.

It’s exciting to travel around and if you are travelling with children be aware of their surroundings and how to keep them comfortable. Stay considerate of your other passengers on board and ultimately, enjoy yourself! There’s nothing worse than crying children on a coach with fifty people so stay smiling!

Window Treatments To Make Your Happy

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Dressing up a window doesn’t always feature on the agenda when you move into a house. Yes, people pop up some blinds or a curtain rail to keep a little privacy but dressing up your windows is important to be able to settle into your new home. Window treatments often turn into a design challenge or major investment, but if you are neglecting your windows in favour of a different design focus, you’ll be left with a bare view. Whether you find yourself in need of fresh window blinds made by Delta Blind Supply or are starting from scratch, your windows should be a focal point.

One of the most popular window treatments around which you can buy custom made at places like Delta Blind Supply is natural woven shades in bamboo and matchstick. They let in diffused light, which allows the user to see what’s going on outside the house but it’s not just an open window, you get some privacy. The colour of the treatments you choose is also very important as having light blinds can open a room up and reflect the heat outside whereas having a darker colour can close up a small room and absorb the heat.

Blinds and curtains can come in a variety of materials like silks, velvets, damasks, fur, suede and even leather. Luxury fabrics are a popular trend with blinds especially in bedrooms. Choosing luxury fabrics with embellishments like crystal or beaded tassels can really enhance the look of any room. Decorative blinds have been dominated by metallic in recent years but wood is actually becoming quite a trend! Faux wooden blinds and even real wood blinds from companies like Delta Blind Supply are becoming quite the trend! Bamboo is a popular choice for its sustainable, environmentally friendly quality as well as being able to offer privacy in the home.

The front runner in the market for window treatments is still soft textiles. Fashion and interiors trends are almost simultaneous now and because of that, you can see couture fabrications and dressmaker details such as ruffles, cording, beading and lace. There is a strong, closely woven, ribbed fabric named Grosgrain. It is usually made of silk or rayon, is used as a ribbon detailing on blinds and curtains. Velvet banding can also be used as detailing, or as ladder tape to cover up route holes for string in blinds.

Simple, sleek lines are dominating window fashions in everything from flowy curtains to chrome decorative hardware. Creating sleek silhouettes against a window instantly gives a clean, modern look to any window and room. A quick way to get truly streamlined treatments is what popular panel-track systems. Unlike their ugly, vertical blind precursors, panel-track systems are made of fabric or woven-wood panels and can be used as room dividers or on window walls or doors. Panel track treatments are influenced by Asian shoji screens and can look very contemporary depending on the fabric.

Tricks and Tips For Your Window Shades

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Learning about different types of window shades and how to decide what window coverings will work best with your décor can be a challenge, especially if you’ve recently moved into a new home. It’s exciting, purchasing new things to decorate your house but if you are choosing window treatments you have to think about more than just what looks good. Fabric shades can work with or in place of curtains for a practical, stylish window treatment whether you buy off the rack or go for custom made.

Fabric window shades can be more than just decorative, they can be functional too. These window treatments are versatile and come in a variety of 11styles and can be bought at regular homeware shops or you can have them custom made for your house. Before you start shopping for window blind in Suwanee, you need to ask yourself a few questions: do you need shades for privacy and light control? Or do you simply want to dress up the windows and make them look pretty? Exploring these options to help you find the right window dressings for each room will make the difference between whether you go ahead with fabric or stick with real wood blinds.

Another option is Roman shades, as they are a versatile option because they are simple yet introduce fabric to a window. These fabric shades work well for almost any window and are ideal for situations where full length curtains aren’t feasible, such as windows above the kitchen sink and windows in the bathroom. Fabric shades have a totally different function than faux wood blinds online as fabric shades keep heat out in a different way. You can customise fabric shades with ribbons and trim and getting blinds made can also mean that you can choose the colours to match your other décor in your room.

If you haven’t heard of them, you should look into balloon shades. Where softness and finish are desired but complete coverage isn’t, fixed balloon shades – sometimes called London shades – can introduce just the right touch of a favoured fabric. A fixed balloon can also conceal a shade or blinds that can be lowered when light control or privacy is needed. You can also opt for roller shades. They have the advantage of rolling discreetly out of the way so that the view out of the window is completely unobstructed, perfect for those summer months.

Honeycomb or cellular shades feature two layers of fabric that fold in opposite directions, providing additional insulation and increased protection from ultraviolet rays. They come in light filtering or light blocking versions. Make sure you select the right kind based on your needs. Honeycomb shades can also be installed to ride from the bottom of the windowsill, providing privacy for the lower portion of the window and a partial view above the shades.

Planning A New Kitchen

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Starting a new project can be daunting, but we’re here to give you the confidence that planning a kitchen doesn’t take as long or cost as much as you might think. So, whether you’ve outgrown your current space or the layout just doesn’t work for you, updating your kitchen could make life that little bit easier. You’re at the beginning of your journey, so it’s a good idea to take a look around for ideas on what you might like.

Let’s get planning…

Buy Kitchen Unit Online is a big commitment but we’re with you every step of the way. Take a look at your space and decide do you want a complete refit or can you get away with small changes, such as painting the unit doors, or new door handles and accessories. Then you can begin your transformation. It’s important to create a kitchen that’s right for you, so consider how you use this room. Is it a busy family hub, with kids doing their homework or is it more of a relaxing, quiet sanctuary from daily life? Is it a social space where you entertain or are you a budding baker who loves to get creative and spend hours cooking?

Perhaps it’s not about how you use the kitchen at all, but how you’d like to equip it for someone else. You could be thinking of selling your house and want a kitchen with strong re-sale value, or you’re planning to let the property and want a robust and durable kitchen for multiple tenants.

By identifying how you use, or plan to use, your kitchen, we can help you find a kitchen that’s right for you. Once you know how you use your kitchen, then ask what you want from your kitchen. This is all about identifying what you like about your current set-up and what you don’t; what you’d like to keep and what you’d like to change. Often there’s a problem and answer. For example, the problem could lack of worktop counter space. The solution – introduce a breakfast bar or island. Or perhaps your existing kitchen is dated and tired, so you’d like your new one to be more modern and contemporary.

Changes can be small or large in scale. As fundamental as a new layout, or less ambitious like greater storage. They could be entirely practical like better access to appliances or more visual like a new colour scheme. Whatever your present limitations and frustrations, there could be an easy and achievable solution.

Now it’s time to get inspired. And the good news is that ideas are everywhere. Watch home makeover TV shows, muse over magazines, scour websites and social media, even snoop around the kitchens of your family and friends. This is your opportunity to think about the look and feel that you want for your kitchen. After all, the prospect of this project might be completely new, or you could have been designing your ideal kitchen in your head for years. Either way, it’s time to get a strong sense of how you want to stamp your personality on this most versatile of rooms.

Why not try collating your favourite ideas into a mood board? Simply gather cut-out ideas in a project folder or do it online though photo-sharing sites like Pinterest. We’re still at the planning stage, so there’s no harm in dreaming, is there?


Steps the IRS Take When Collecting a Tax Debt

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The IRS collection process always starts with a tax assessment. Until the IRS makes an assessment, there is no official tax debt. Without an effective assessment in place, no collection efforts will ensue. An assessment takes place when the IRS officially notes in its record how much a taxpayer owes for any tax year or tax period. Assessments are based on returns that are filed by the taxpayers, returns the IRS files in place of returns a taxpayer neglects to file, or from changes the IRS makes to a return.

If the assessment is consistent with the return that taxpayer filed and is accompanied by a payment from the taxpayer for all taxes owed, then the assessment does not lead to a tax debt. On the other hand, if a taxpayer doesn’t pay a tax debt in full, the IRS will initiate efforts to collect on the delinquent tax debt. Seeking appropriate tax resolution services is the first thing you should do as a debtor. Any time a tax payer has a debt of over ten thousand dollars, or receives a threatening letter from the IRS it makes good sense to seek the right advice and ask about options for resolving IRS tax debt. Given the right circumstances, even a large debt can be settled for a smaller amount.

Sometimes the first IRS notice a taxpayer will receive will inform them about the existence of a debt is a Notice of Taxes Due. This notice will state that the taxpayer owes a certain amount for a certain year or years and is generated with the IRS processes a return the taxpayer filed and sees that it was not paid in full. Another IRS notice is a Notice of Proposed Changes, where the IRS makes changes to a return the taxpayer had already filed and adds taxes and or penalties and interest. The IRS also sends a notice when it files a return for a taxpayer for a year that the taxpayer did not file his or her own. A return that the IRS files in lieu of one that the taxpayer never filed is called a substitute or a return. It can be important for a taxpayer to replace a substitute for a return as the IRS does not credit the taxpayer for any deductions the taxpayer would have been eligible to claim.

It can be the case that the first time a taxpayer realises that they owe the IRS at all is when a Notice of Intent to Levy is received. A Notice of Intent to Levy is a written warning that is mailed to the taxpayer, alerting the taxpayer that the IRS is attempting to collect on a tax debt. Notices of Intent to Levy can come with a ten or thirty day warning period, giving the taxpayer time to take action to protect themselves. Notice of Intent to Levy should never ever be ignored.

Christmas Market Breaks This Festive Season

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Whether you choose a sunny spot in the southern Europe with warmer weather than at home, or would like a guaranteed white Christmas, a change of scene can be as good as a rest. You’ll also enjoy festive meals expertly cooked and served which will set you up for a truly happy new year.

December holidays and breaks away divide up a cold and dark winter very nicely and when you set off the expense of drinks parties for the neighbours, standby gifts for droppers-in and other extras against the cost of a holiday, it could turn out to be a comparatively cheap Christmas, too.

In this guide, we finish what we started by telling you five more exciting destinations you can take. We’ve focused more on the abroad destinations than your standard coach trip holidays in UK and Ireland but you can always book Christmas holiday stalls & markets to tag onto your travels, so you can truly enjoy an authentic Christmas experience.

Head on over to Italy this Christmas, specifically Naples. Naples Old Town is famous for its large and elaborate nativity scenes and you can enjoy the stunning Amalfi Coast without the summer hoards on a Christmas holiday in Sorrento, a favourite resort towns for Brits since the 19th-century. From here it’s an easy journey over to Pompeii as well if it takes your fancy! If you’re a chocolate lover, then Switzerland is the place to be dreaming of a white Christmas. A stay in the Swiss Alps will definitely tick that box! Climb through snowy mountain meadows surrounded by mountain peaks on the cost little Jungfrau Railway to the ‘Top of Europe’, the highest railway station on Kleine Scheidegg Mountain. The famously nimble railways operate on Christmas Day.

Visit Austria, the country that gave the world Silent Night. The charming Christmas carol was written in a small Austrian town in the early eighteen hundreds. The Salzburg Christmas market is in festive spirit right up until Christmas Eve, wafting gingerbread and warming gluhwein as you browse the stalls and hear the carols around the tree. The sun on the snow can be dazzling on a scenic steam train ride through the Tyrol, so bring those sunglasses alongside the winter coats! Anyone who is anyone will tell you that there is absolutely nothing like a traditional German Christmas, and you can soak up the atmosphere in a number of beautiful small towns while cruising on the Rhine River. Unpack once and your cosy floating hotel will take you past fairy tale castles perched on crags, and pretty villages through the scenic Rhine Gorge and to Rudesheim with its charming mechanical music museum, picturesque Koblenz and Cochem, famous its fine wines. The striking town of Oberharmersbach is the perfect base to visit the Alsace region and the Black Forest. For the best time of year to look for the Northern Lights, Christmas is the time. On a tour of the Golden Circle in the Land of Fire and Ice, the famous waterfalls take on a magical Narnia look, frozen as they plunge and bubbling geysers shoot from the moon-like landscape.

There is no reason why Christmas holidays cannot be new adventures and these are just some of the welcoming destinations.


Taking Your Baby Home

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Having a baby is a big adventure. When you’re pregnant for the first time, every feeling and symptom is brand new and exciting. If you’re not working, you can cope with the exhaustion by having long and luxurious naps during the day, you can visit the gym and gently work out. If you want to take a stroll outside in the park you can, one hand on the ever growing and moving bump. Labour is ahead but you believe you will be breathing that little sucker out and glitter shall rain down upon you all. Having a second baby… still an adventure but it does have its difficulties. Depending on the age gap of your children, you may be heavily pregnant with a toddler at your feet. Trying to deal with the overwhelming exhaustion with a small child at your knees demanding attention and nappy changes is not easy to cope with. We all do, of course, but what happens when you go to bring your second little prodigy home? How does your older child cope? This is something you didn’t have to panic about the first time around so this time you’ve got new situations to cope with while pregnant; never easy!

Bringing a new baby home from the hospital is exciting and your toddler or older child will have known you are having a baby. If your child is over the age of five, getting them involved and excited throughout the pregnancy itself is the best way to prepare them to meet their new sibling. When the baby comes, ensuring you keep up time one on one just for them and for you is important so you haven’t allowed them to feel forgotten or second best against the squidgy little baby in their lives. If you have a toddler they have less of an understanding. Be prepared for your little pre-schooler to perhaps resent you a little and maybe have feelings of being replaced even though that isn’t true, they won’t be able to understand that unless you make it very clear even when baby arrives that no one could replace them. There are cases where existing toddlers are uninterested in their new sibling for a few months. The baby doesn’t become interesting to them until it is crawling or being more active and able to play with them and that is okay! Keep trying to get them involved with their care: bringing nappies or helping you hold a bottle, but don’t push.

If you are looking into foster children then there are many ways find fostering agencies in Kent that will be able to counsel you through bringing another child into the home and how to help your existing children deal with the changes that come with a foster brother or sister. Being able to cope with the changes as a family is something you all have to deal with.

Terrible Twos, Threenagers and Fournados – Your Preschool Moods

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Everyone knows about the terrible twos. The time of a child’s life where they are learning to communicate but the skills don’t come fast enough, thus everything in the world is unfair they absolutely kick off all the time. Screaming, shouting, throwing themselves onto the ground: all of these are familiar signs of those twoligan years. The thing is, once you’ve got through the twoligan stage you hit the threenage years and after that you’re blessed with a beautiful fournado. Yep all these names sound ridiculous but if you’ve lived through it you know exactly how appropriate they are!

It is crazy how fast behaviours change and just as you get through one stage another hits you like a brick and if you are reading this and hoping to be involved in child fostering London then you should understand what you have ahead of you if you’ve not been through this before. A four year old has massive emotions and a lot of drama going along with them and it’s confusing. They have one foot planted firmly in the land of the big kids and one foot planted in toddlerhood. Big enough to tell you so, repeatedly, but small enough to still occasionally need a nap! Here are some signs that you are living with a fournado in the house:

  • Independence: if the war cry of your house is ‘I can do it by myself’ you’re well on your way. If they want to try new things like pouring their own juice then let them. Grab those paper towels and be ready to mop a spill. They may not be able to do everything but they’ll go for it and try!
  • Fear: they may shriek and stomp and scream for independence but they’re big scaredy-cats sometimes. All of a sudden your child is fully aware of the biggest clouds and the tiniest bugs and everything requires shrinking away and getting upset.
  • Picky eating: it may be a phase you got over a couple of years ago but it’s back. Tastes change all the time and that’s no different for children. Foods they happily ate yesterday all of sudden are yucky and taste like mud.
  • Jokes: The best bit about having a four year old is the fact they have a cracking sense of humour. They can tell jokes, they can play easy board games and their general conversational skills are out and out hilarious.

If you are hoping to know where to find fostering agencies in essex then you know that you’ll soon be deciding an age range to go for in the children in your care and going for age four is fantastic. Yes there are testing times but this way you get all the joy of the cuddles and love as well as the humour, the independence and the blessed ability to use a potty and wash their hands without your help. Thank goodness!

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