A Guide to CVL (Creditors Voluntary Liquidation)

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A CVL is an insolvency process used to close down a business when it cannot afford to repay its creditors in full. If you’re looking into company administration this is the most commonly used voluntary insolvency process for limited companies due to how it is cost effective.

If there are any company assets realised by the liquidator, the proceeds after any costs are distributed to the creditors on an equal ranking basis. This then makes sure the creditors are paid. There are a number of options for companies that are insolvent and making sure you have the appropriate course of action down is paramount. Seeking advice from qualified insolvency practitioners like bridgenewland.co.uk if you believe your business is insolvent is the best thing to do to start off with.


In general a creditor voluntary liquidation is appropriate where the business doesn’t have a prospect of a viable future. The company is not usually in a position to raise further funding and common situations include where the business has lost major contracts or customers or suffered awful debt. It can also include whether the business has failed to meet income forecasts or has experienced increasing costs unexpectedly. If the company’s lenders have reduced or withdrawn facilities or made demands on the company for repayments that cannot be met, CVL is right for you.

Once CVL is decided as appropriate then the directors have to meet with the creditors to consider resolutions. The company being insolvent means it cannot continue its business and therefore cannot pay its debts any longer. Repayment plans need to be set up and notice of meetings is sent to shareholders. There used to be a statutory requirement to advertise in the local press of an insolvency but this is not a requirement any longer. After appropriate meetings are held, the resolution to wind up the company and notice of appointment to the liquidator is filed with the registrar of companies within seven days. Advice for CVLs are given out freely by many organisations like bridgenewland.co.uk however you should really make sure you are using professional advisors and not just Google. The wrong advice can end up in disaster so taking stock of what’s ahead for your company is the best thing you can do

The liquidator will then take any steps necessary to deal with any outstanding matters including realisation of the company’s assets and resolution of the company’s tax affairs. After the company’s affairs are finalised the liquidator then calls for a final meeting of members and lay before it an account of the winding up. The process is straightforward and inexpensive and the directors are able to instruct an insolvency practitioner to deal with the company’s affairs. If the business that is viable and can be sold or the main asset is work in progress the main disadvantage of a CVL in comparison with an administration is the delay incurred by the need to notify shareholders and creditors.



Maintaining Your Air Conditioning & Heating Unit

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If you want to make sure that your air conditioning and heating units work properly and efficiently all year round you need to ensure you have an excellent company on board with you to maintain your systems. A lot of companies offer an annual service that includes two visits: one in the Spring to check your air conditioning unit ready for the summer ahead and one in the Autumn to check the heating ready for the winter months. Generally by being a customer of a company like that, you will be able to qualify for discounts and on your repair services and receive priority assistance with service calls through the year. They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and it couldn’t be truer for AC repair in Fort Worth.

If you don’t take the time to maintain your equipment the filters will become clogged and you will be subject to a huge amount of issues through the year. If any single component fails or is even weakened, the whole system may not fail immediately. What it will do however is make the other components wear out a lot faster and work at an impaired capacity. However the system will eventually fail in the end and unmaintained systems almost always fail at the height of system – it’s the law of sod! It is also the way it goes when the system is improperly maintained and the crashes in the system happen with the weather sometimes.

On very hot or cold days your heating or cooling system will be working as hard as it can to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, office or warehouse area. When a weakened system is called upon to work extra hard, it is going to fail a lot faster. An air conditioners filters, coils and fins require regular maintaining for the unit to function as efficiently as possible through its years of service. Neglecting any necessary maintenance work ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases.

The most important maintenance task that will ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner is to routinely replace or clean its filters. Clogged, dirty filters block normal airflow and reduce a systems efficiency significantly. With normal airflow obstructed, air that bypasses the filter may carry dirt directly into the evaporator coil and impair the coils heat absorbing capacity. Replacing a dirty and clogged filter with a new and clean one can lower your air conditioners energy consumption by 5-15%. For central air, filters are generally located somewhere along the return duct’s length. Common filter locations are in the walls, ceilings, furnaces or in the air conditioner itself. Room air conditioners have a filter mounted in the grill that faces into the room.

Either way, whatever you choose to do you need to ensure correct and proper maintenance with your unit so that you can have the best air conditioning and heating throughout the year no matter what.

What To Do To Close Your Business

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Making a decision to close a business is not one we imagine you would take lightly and it’s not an easy decision to make practically either. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as switching off the light and walking away from the company you’ve built over the years. There is a long process involved and it can take some time and failing to close your business properly can have some long term effects on your credit rating and on your employees. Companies such as www.mhumeandson.co.uk are an accounting and bookkeeping company that can provide advice on the finance side of closing down a business which can actually be the hardest part of closing one down. Closing a business has multiple steps and it varies based on the structure of the business. There are of course general guidelines to follow when closing down your business.

27When all is said and done, sometimes the best thing to do for your business is to shut it down. This can happen if the business is starting to fail and cannot regain momentum, if directors are retiring and not looking to hand it down and in the best case, closing to restart a bigger, shinier version of this venture. Dissolving a partnership can be a little bit of a sticky business especially if there is animosity between partners. A partnership is automatically terminated if death or bankruptcy occurs as well as any illegal dealings. If a partnership has to be dissolved then any proceeds from the sale or disposal of any assets should be divided up between the partners as previously agreed. This is after creditors are paid and after any debts are sorted. Profit cannot be shared out if there’s any outstanding liabilities. If there is a shortfall the partners must pay anything outstanding from personal assets which can get expensive.

Take a vote. You and your company directors should you have any should discuss closing a business properly as there may be someone there who wishes to carry it on. Your company is still active until it is formerly dissolved and all members should vote to close the business. You will need to have your accountant or similarly a company that deals with financials like www.mhumeandson.co.uk send all the creditors for your company a written notice of intent to dissolve and give them a final claims deadline. Your lawyers will be able to ensure all your loans are secured properly before any unknown creditors dive in to make a claim. As long as all of this has been followed closing your business shouldn’t take too many difficulties. Ensuring you’ve informed all the right people, staff, landlords, creditors, taxman etc you should manage the close with ease.

All your taxes should be paid before you dissolve and leaving out the tax man is not an option! Don’t forget to notify HMRC that you are intending to close and pay anything outstanding with them. Your accountant should be able to work with you on this and help you close any outstanding debts. Any staff you have will require a lot of notice as well if it’s possible as you’ll want to make sure that they have a job to go to elsewhere.



How to Set Up Your Own Recruitment Agency

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Sitting behind a desk and working in recruitment, earning money for someone else can be quite demeaning. Well, not demeaning, we all need jobs! But it can be a let-down when you know you could be out earning that money for yourself and keeping the entire fee you earn rather than commission only. There’s one thing to be said for settling for a salary and commission on placements, but what if you earned more than that? What if you could hire people to work for you and with you at the top of the food chain you end up earning more than you dreamed in a world of client lunches and champagne brunches? It can happen and it can happen because you want it. We’ve compiled a list of tips for you to go by to make your own recruitment agency a success and work for yourself rather than work for someone else and help them live their dreams.


  • Who are your competition? Do some solid research on what other agencies there are in the same field as you. Work out what it is that makes them successful, then do one better. It can take a little detective work but if you’re able to find out the types of margins they have or fees for permanent recruitment, you can work out how competitive you can be in terms of what you can offer clients as well as candidates. You have to think about your candidates and what benefits and support you can offer them before you compete. The market may already be over saturated with agencies in the field you want to work in so unless you can really stand out, have a think, maybe reshuffle and come back to the field you want to do a little later on.
  • What service do you want to provide? Have a look at the structure of other recruitment agencies and have a think about the type of service you want to provide. Do you want to open a niche agency that only caters for one field of work or do you want to branch out? Do you want to hire in both temp and perm candidates like goldhawkassoc.co.uk or do you want to focus on one side of the coin? Identify your niche, play to the strengths you have and the knowledge you acquired from the recruitment world and go for it. The only way you will know how to do anything is if you do your research. You could easily branch out from the type of recruitment you’ve always known as long as you have know how.
  • How do your skills match up? How long have you worked in recruitment already? If you’re new to the field I wouldn’t recommend jumping right in as while the pound signs may be flashing in front of your eyes it isn’t all money and commission bonuses. There’s a lot of hard work in the back office of recruitment and a lot of ground work. Recruitment is basically matchmaking but instead of people matching with other people, you’re finding people the job they would love. There’s a lot more to it of course but this is the bare bones of the business.
  • Investigate the legal side. Some fields require candidates to have background checks in their health and police checks for their criminal record. You need to be careful with who you hire and these background checks are actually everything to you because your potential placement may actually legally require these!




How to Successfully Find the Right Butchery Equipment

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If you are hoping to open a butchery business soon, be aware that it can cost you a lot of money to get the equipment that you need to get started up. You know that you will have to rely on this equipment to allow you to process ad cut the meats that you will be selling you your patrons. This is why if you want to buy butchery equipment, make sure that you will at least know how to find the best ones.

You will certainly want to know what you are getting in return out of the money that you will be spending. There are certainly some elements that you will need to consider to ensure that you can successfully locate the most suitable vendor that can get you the kind of equipment that will prove to be most useful for the type of business that you will run.

When you decide to buy Formatic burger machine, you will need to make sure that you are getting equipment that is going to be commercial grade. You would not want to settle for the cheapest you can find just for the sake of getting one, you have to see to it that you will end up with a choice that is not going to be a disappointing choice. In most cases, you will be required by the state to use only equipment that is going to be commercial grade, so they can be legit.

Besides, you will find that these kinds of equipment have a lot of advantages that they bring along. While they may be higher in price than regular equipment, commercial grade ones are easier to maintain and clean as well. They are designed for the fast-paced environment, after all. It is heavy duty too. So, it is expected to last for a longer lifespan despite the fact that it is expected to be used on a regular basis.

Cost and quality need to go together. You cannot expect to get the cheapest offer, and then expect that the unit you will get is going to be an impressive find. You have to remember that if you are going to get the best equipment you can find, you have to be willing to pay the price. No, you do not need to break your wallet for you to do so. All you need to do is do some comparison-shopping and see which of the vendors around can offer better.

Your budget needs to be added to the equation too. While you may have an ideal unit that you plan on getting, you have to remember that it is all going to have to depend on the budget that you can afford to spend to get the purchase done. This is why you need to see to it that you take into account how much it is that you can afford to spend before you decide to scout for possible units that you can refer to.

How to Look for the Best Meat Smoker

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If you are looking for meat smoker for sale, it matters that you know what you are looking for. The market can be quite crowded with so many choices for you to select from and you would certainly want to have an excellent idea of the options that you are gunning for. Here are some of the things that you certainly need to look into to help you make the right choice.

You will want to gather details on the basic type of smokers that the market has to offer. You need to know how they work and how they are likely going to affect the taste of the meat that you will be smoking inside. The length of time for it to cook as well as all the other features that it includes should be part of your research to know exactly what it is that you are getting along the way.

When you look for an industrial meat mixer for sale, it is important that you know exactly what you are looking for. A lot of people often make the mistake of not having an idea what it is that they need that it becomes a little overwhelming when the time comes for them to make their choice. You can easily avoid this by being aware of what it is exactly that you need and expect off of the smoker that you would prefer to own.

Set a budget. It helps when you know how much you will allow yourself to spend if you are to go ahead and make the purchase. It is always going to be a lot easier for you to make a choice when you are well aware of how much it is that you are spending in the first place. This does not only prevent you from overspending, but it also allows you to narrow your list to just those brands and those units that are expected to be well within your paying range.

Check the group’s performance. While you are to look certainly for a professional smoker, you would want to see if it is going to be one unit that can get the number of people that you would expect to feed every time you decide to get some smoking done to be covered. You want to maximize the time that you will spend to smoke the meat so, and it matters that you will consider the usual number of people that you need to serve, so you know that everybody will be served daily.

Consider the quality and the warranty of the unit. If you are going to spend money in making purchases like these, you will certainly want a group that is expected to not only function right, but one that is projected to remain functional for many years to come. Durability is critical, so consider the materials that they are made of. This can affect their overall quality, after all.

Do not forget to check the reviews concerning these products too. You need to know if you are looking at a unit that has been well reviewed as this can be an indication that you are getting one that will not disappoint.

The Ultimate Checklist to Your Plumbing System Upkeep

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Maintaining, running and keeping together a household certainly requires all your attention and physical effort. Day in and day out, you need to keep everything in constant check to make sure that all are in place and you would not be caught with surprises. The plumbing system in the home is one that can easily get overlooked if you do not actively mind it. Your home’s plumbing system is not only exclusive to pipes, valves and all else plumbing accessories but it also includes fixtures like tubs, sinks, showers, drains and even your laundry and dishwashing appliances. With this in mind, you know the field of coverage for your plumbing system when you are doing your regular inspections. Here is a checklist you can go through one by one to guide you in what to monitor in your plumbing system so you can manage it early before any pending damage gets out of hand. Keeping information on where to seek professional plumbing services like plumber in Livonia MI is also important to keep handy for those plumbing issues that require expert handling.

  • Inspect for leaks along pipes that are exposed; those that span across the walls of your home. Check for signs of any water formation surrounding it like puddles.
  • Inspect for corrosion on the pipes. Corroded pipes can lead to leaking and its connections would get faulty if left unchecked. Inspect around the copper and brass fittings as well as valves for orange, yellow and green stains. This may be especially appraised from steel pipes that are old. Consult with professional plumbers such as plumber in Northville MI regarding different kinds of types that are best suited for you to use.
  • Water pressure can give you indication for any build up of sediments and water line problems. Check your faucets and note the strength of the water pressure that comes out. Pressures that are low are sure signs of a sediment problem building up.
  • Inspect how water is draining from your tubs, sinks and showers. If it is slow in draining, then this is an indication of some clogging in the drain or blockage in the vent pipes. Normally the water draining into the drain should be swirling. If there is bubbling as the water drains, this may also be an indication of a problem. If your drain gurgles as the water is draining, then this may be a problem with your vents.
  • On your toilets, check the handles for flushing and the parts inside the tank. Check if it is properly flushing. Inside the toilet tank, all should be in place, with no broken parts or accessories or any sign of rusting. Take note that when you flush, the water does not keep running. Inspect also for water formation on the floor around the toilet. Explore your options with various toilet and other plumbing related fixtures with professionals like plumbers in Farmington.
  • Water can easily seep into cracks, so see if there are cracks on the tiles that surround your sinks, in the shower, and in proximity to the water pipes in your home. If there are hollowed tiles or any loosening of tiles occurring, this may indicate a rotting under the tile that resulted from a leak.
  • Check the caulking around your sinks, tubs and toilets. If they are coming off, they need to be redone again.
  • When water has stood for a period of time and eventually dried up, this might lead to the development of mildew.
  • Gently move your toilet, rocking it on all sides and feel to see if it moves. Toilets must remain solid and firm in place.
  • If you have a water heater, check along the insides of its burner chamber for any sign of rusting. The flame of the heater must be blue and not yellow because the latter color is an indication that cleaning must be done on the jets.
  • Drain water heaters so that any formation of sediments would be relieved from it.
  • When turning on your faucets, check if there is water coming out from where it should not, such as on valves and handles.
  • Follow the hoses of your washing machine to inspect the presence of cracks, leaks and check the consistency of the hose if it has not gotten brittle, as this will easily break.

History of coffee around the world

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A cup of hot coffee is one great way to start your day. For some, drinking coffee is already part of morning rituals before leaving for work. People have been enjoying its distinct taste and benefits. Especially at the workplace, where most people perform a lot of tasks, many would sip a dose of caffeine as well as water to keep them always on-the-go. If you are looking to buy coffee machine  see here  coffee machine online and , for water machine check out this link: office water coolers online.

Back in the 10th century, the first brewing of coffee is thought to have started in Ethiopia. Although there a number of stories and various reports that surround the first use of coffee, one of the most popular is the discovery of its energizing effect by the Ethiopian ancestors. Although there is no substantial evidence as how and where the coffee tree was first planted in Ethiopia, it was said that the original farmed tree-plant of coffee begun inHarar. Since some of the original population in Harar mostly came from Ethiopia or had made trade in Ethiopia, an exchange of goods may have included the coffee beans or seeds. Even until now, the Islamic communities in African nations still consume coffee drinks and some included coffee drinking to religious tradition.

Another account of the first origins of drinking coffee traced back to Ghothul Akbar Nooruddin Abu al-Hasan al-Shadhili, a Yemenite Sufi mystic. It was said that while the mystic was travelling around Ethiopia, he was amazed by the vigor of the birds that were eating some of the berries up the tree. To feed his curiosity, he decided to try the berries for himself. To his surprise, the mystic felt a blast of energy flowing through his veins. From then on people started brewing the coffee beans, following the experience of the mystic. Like the mystic.

Drinking coffee

Another comical claim is the account of Kaldi, a goat-herder in Ethiopia back in the 9th century. The legends goes, Kaldi chewed the fruit of a bush because he was curious when he found his herd acting extraordinarily energetic after nibbling on the red berries. He was so surprised of its effects that prompted him to deliver the berry fruits to the nearby monastery. For some reason, the monks in the monastery were not pleased to the berries or to the story of Kaldi. The monks threw the berries for burning, but when the berries were burnt, a delightful aroma floats through the air. The monks were curious of the scent and started investigating the bean. They salvaged the beans from the coals and dissolved them into boiled water, hence, the first brewed coffee.

However, the earliest reliable proof of the first knowledge of coffee appeared in monasteries of Yemen’s Sufi in the middle of the 15th century. It was said that Yemeni traders brought the coffee beans from their trade in Ethiopia and cultivated the beans.

Nevertheless, no matter which story is true, humanity is grateful for the curiosity and ingenuity of our ancestors. Nowadays, you may enjoy more of the coffee while at work.

Advantages of Lawn Care Services

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A beautiful lawn is magnified when it is taken care of by a professional lawn care service. The way it is landscaped and how it displayed a good sightseeing for people to be relaxed and at the same time making nature manifest its glory. If you have this kind of aura in your home, people will definitely be impressed as to how you are taking care of your lawn. There are proper ways and techniques as you combine both mowing and watering. And these can only be done through a skilled professional.

There are many things that you need to consider as you look for a lawn care service and the most important factor are the skills and the years of service. You can search these companies anywhere especially in your local area such as at Weatherford tx lawn care Companies. through the service that is about to be rendered there is a good potential for your lawn to be maximized. It would be best as well to choose a company that are well equipped when it comes to handling the lawn with proper equipments, as this will guarantee its efficiency resulting to an amazing lawn.

The healthier your lawn will look like the more it is enriched with minerals and nutrients that your grass and plants are having. That is why proper techniques of mowing and watering are the very first step in making a healthy lawn. The advantage of hiring a professional lawn care service is that they provide good sources of materials when it comes to maintenance. An example of which are the kind of fertilizer, controlling the growth of weeds. Because taking care of the lawn is very complex, the tendency of the owner is to do multiple trials and errors just to aim a goal of having a beautiful lawn.


Another advantage of hiring a lawn care service is that they know how things work for the good of everything in terms of the plants, trees, and grass. They are trained specialist in giving you the information as to the status of your lawn. Because they are expert on this field, they can provide you a more exact and professional way of assessing the health of your lawn as well. For example, if there are any insects that causes damage and even a threat to your lawn, or perhaps the need of a certain mineral for your plants or grass to maintain its nutrient. Lawn care services do not only focus on the beautification of your lawn but as well as all the major details that they provide for the benefit of your lawn.

In a more tailor-fit approach, make sure that your lawn is able to get exactly what it needed. The often your lawn is visited by a lawn care service provider the better it is taken care of and you will see that your lawn including the trees, plants and the grass looks very green, as this is the indication of a healthy lawn.

Advantages of Hiring a Moving Company for Corporate Mover

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Whenever a corporation has planned to relocate business office, most of these hire a professional mover company to fairly do the job. The bottom line for hiring professional movers especially if it is a corporate business company, definitely benefit them from all the hassle. As you can see, if larger companies are hiring movers to do the job for them that means that they find it advantageous in their part.

It is important that you understand why you need to hire moving companies in Weatherford. It is in their rendered service that you will experience quality care of all your items especially those that are fragile to handle. Through their service, you will be able to have a peace of mind, knowing that all office things will be moved and transferred safely. Aside from all the safety and cost economic benefits that you can gain in hiring a mover company, here are few lists of advantages of hiring a professional mover for large companies or corporate.

The transportation- even though corporate companies can entirely do all the moving and packing and can even use their own transportation when it comes to moving but there is nothing far more better than to have people who have been in the business of moving from one location to another. The purpose of hiring their transportation because you do not want to interrupt the working hours intended for the trucks or any means of transportation that a corporate company has. With the service provided by a mover’s company it is important that they have their own transportation in taking care of all your needs. In corresponded to the type of item for every move, you do not have to worry because there is always transportation for any big or small equipment.

Minimizing Product loss- this is a very common dilemma to happen every time there is relocation. To prevent this from happening, the hired movers have their techniques as to how they are going to organize all priority equipments, documents and other things.

Transparent tape

Time is Precious- there is no way for your business to shut down just because of relocation. There should be a continuous work because transactions are very important. While you are hiring professional movers to do the job for you in moving everything at the same time you and your workers are still working and attending business.

Effort and Money are saved- minimizing damage is the aim for hiring a mover company and indeed you are able to save your energy and money from spending the costs of damages.

Organizing- as long as you have it planned very well and the most important thing is to delegate the task accordingly. Being organized with the moving time is critical and it takes a little time to have everything sort out.

Volumizing your office equipments- you do not have to worry as to how things will be packed and unpacked as these professional movers are trained to do the job more effective. Large equipments have their own space and can be transported as quickly done by the movers.

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